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Weideland German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) was started by Travis and Jolene Beck with a vison of not only breeding, raising, and starting

for excellence in the field; but with the idea of having a well mannered family dog as well. We are a small AKC registered breeder located in southern Minnesota that focuses on the quality of our dogs and                          to provide optimal hunting dogs and companions. 

With over 19 years of dog experience ranging from basic obedience, steadiness, force breaking to retrieve, and handling; Travis has spent the winters                      bird dogs in the south as well as summers and early fall camps training in the Dakotas. Travis has been our hands on handler; and there's nothing he'd rather do. We believe wild birds; lots of wild birds, is what it takes to help a dog reach their full potential, and that is what we provide. We currently live on an acreage in Minnesota, allowing us more space to raise, train, and enjoy all the qualities of this breed.

Jolene works with all the puppies on their socialization and basic training. From household mannerism, to child and other dog/pet introduction, she is the key to starting puppies out right with lots of love and affection.

All of Weideland German Shorthaired Pointers dogs have been raised and trained on all types of birds. From pigeons during bird and gun introduction, to wild pheasants, sharptail, quail, and hungarian partiridge. They also spend a fair share of their time swimming after ducks in the sloughs, ponds, and river beds we hunt. Here at Weideland German Shorthaired Pointers, we strive for natural and versatile bird dogs.

There's something beautiful and majestic about coming over a hilltop and seeing a line up of dogs on point. We hope to share that beauty with each and every person who takes one of our family home to be yours. 

Weideland GSPs is currently offering: stud services, training, breeding services, puppies, and started dogs.

Check out all Weideland GSPs has to offer! Feel free to

  with any questions or comments.

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