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Weideland's Sharp Dressed Boss Ranger

DOB 3/9/2018


OFA Excellent

Bite: Good

Weight: 59 lbs

When we crossed our girl Ally with Tjust Lucky Three Spot, we patiently awaited the birth of our liver/roan pup. Low and behold, on March 9, 2018; Jed was born with his sister and brother. He wasn't liver/roan, but from the moment his big head entered this world we were in love.  From day one Jed never accepted he was a puppy, and he never wanted to be in second place. Jed's natural hunting abilities were obvious within months. His first hunting season at 7 months of age Jed was pointing wild bird and coveys, backing naturally, and handling with ease. I think it's important to note that in his first season Jed often found his own wild birds with proven adult wild bird dogs on the ground at the same time. He has always had a natural drive for retrieving, whether it was bumpers on land or in the water. Which is how his nickname Cannonball Jed came to be from our kids who enjoy watching Jed launch himself off the banks into the water for retrieves. Jed has evolved into a relentless searcher for wild birds. He's the first dog since our male Bo, that methodically hunts the open prairie ranges with precise application, using the wind and the terrain to find birds. Jed hunts at shooting dog range. He is a bigger running dog that always checks in, never gets lost, and will honestly stand his birds. Jed is a very intelligent dog with a very long nose. He has incredible stamina, tough feet, and amazing determination to never give up and continue the hunt for another covey or bird. On top of all of Jed's phenomenal hunting abilities, he happens to be one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. My wife and I have often stated if we could have 30 Jed's we'd be happy and set for life. In the house with our family Jed is the biggest lap dog and love bug. He often saves your spot on the couch, keeping it warm while you grab the next bag of chips to watch the big game on TV. Jed is truly one of a kind.  

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