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Weideland's Ray of Sunshine

Quinn was bird crazy from day one. As a puppy during summer training on wild sharptailed grouse it was very obvious that Quinn had a knack for finding her own birds. She immediately showed a very very strong nose and would often point far off of birds. Her careful tracking and relocating ability has consistently been the best we've seen. Quinn's stamina day after day, paired with her ability to handle the heat and tough conditions are qualities that cause her to rise above the rest. 

Quinn is a naturl retriever with a very soft mouth, natural backer, and extremely careful on wild birds. She is a big running shooting dog that will not stop until she finds coveys. She is also unique in her ability to reign it in and hunt close to locate dead birds, singles, pheasants and adjust to the terrain. 

Inside the house, Quinn is calm, quiet, and clean. But those aren't what make her the house favorite. She is your couch potato pal! IF you need a lazy day to recoup from a hunt or stressful work week, this lady's got your back. Full of love and snuggles she molds into whatever the enviorment asks for. Quinn is a lover of all her two and four legged family, including the cat, as well as strangers just stopping by. Quinn will happily greet them all with her own cheery disposition, bringing a "Ray of Sunshine" into all the lives she touches. 

Quinn has passed on her many wonderful traits and abilities to her daughters, Calli, Moxie, and Tritt.  

Quinn weighs 47 lbs. OFA Hips Excellent. 

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