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Weideland's Rising Valor


Moxie has had some serious bird drive from day one. At five months old, she was hanging with her dad Jed (Weideland's Sharpdressed Boss Ranger) out to 500 yards in sharptail country. She is a very big running, independant bird finder. Moxie is a gritty girl that has zero quit. When conditions prove to be tough, Moxie is always up for the challenge. She is a  driven covey finder and she excels at it! 

Moxie backs, finds dead birds, and has turned into a really solid tracker. She is extremely careful and talented on pinning down moving birds. She is my one dog that I have to convince to come to the truck when the hunt is over. She's a tenacious gamer. 

Moxie; much like her mom and sister, is calm and quiet in the house. She's very affectionate and loves attention. Our kids adore her never ending kisses and snuggles.  Moxie is clean and easy to travel with and eager to please no matter what we're heading off to do.  

Moxie weighs 47 lbs. OFA Excellent. 

Moxie is a stocky built girl with a long fluid gait.

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